City Water Contaminants



City Water – Ammonia – Fluoride – Lead – Uranium – Chlorine – etc.


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  • Harmful Effects
    • Skeletal fluorosis, from long-term consumption at > 4 mg/L (a serious bone disorder resembling osteopetrosis and characterized by extreme density & hardness & abnormal fragility of the bones)
  • Treatment Options


Lead – Toxin – Lead pipes

  • Harmful Effects 
    • Children are more at risk than adults
    • Reduced intelligence, impaired hearing & decreased growth in children
    • Damage to the brain, kidneys, cardiovascular system & bone marrow
    • Damage nervous system & red blood cells
  • Treatment Options


Chlorine – bleach smell or taste

  • Harmful Effects
    • Mouth/skin irritation
    • Chlorinous
    • Increased presence of THMs.
  • Treatment Options

More contaminants associated with city water: Hard water,Man-made contaminants



city water tower
Reverse Osmosis System
City Water In-Home Water Treatment. A Reverse Osmosis for up too 99.9% contaminant free cooking & drinking water, a Water Softener for Hard Water and a Carbon Tank.

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